BB Exclusive Fabrications Ltd was established in 2018 by our incredibly experienced founders Lee and Ryan. With over two decades of combined welding & fabrication experience, they decided to combine their passion for the craft with their love of everything gym related. This led to the birth of our brand: Immense Strength.

The values of Immense Strength are values that we as a company are committed to. We work hard, go above and beyond and believe in making a place for ourselves in a growing and thriving industry. As both welders and gym enthusiasts, we bring our expertise to every aspect of construction and thoroughly test everything ourselves. Our commitment to quality is evident throughout our work and even in our quality control process. This means you can rest assured that even your bespoke requirements can be met to the highest standards.

Though we are exceptionally proud of our fitness brand, Immense Strength, it’s not all we do. We’re welding experts and thanks to our experience and expertise, we’re able to do a wide range of other tasks.

We can create bespoke furniture that fits the aesthetic of your home or your business. Our experts will work with you from the design stage to ensure we can meet your vision and bring it into reality.

In addition to furniture design, our fabrication services are second to none. Our department is fully equipped and enables us to manufacture your components utilising MIG or TIG techniques. Our bespoke service also covers stairs, banister and bespoke balustrade work. Whether you’re looking for inside or outdoor projects, BB Exclusive Fabrications have the experience, knowhow and passion to get the job done right.

We are sheet metal specialists, food fabrication specialists, stainless steel and aluminium welding experts. No matter the material we use, we ensure that all of our work goes through our thorough testing and quality control process. We don’t ever want our clients to receive work that dips below our exceptional standards and will go above and beyond to bring you the highest quality. At BB Exclusive Fabrications, we’re committed to honesty, transparency and quality. We only use British steel and make all of our products here in the UK.

Simply put, here at BB Exclusive Fabrications, we’re the best at what we do. We work with you from the design stage all the way through to installation to be able to bring you the best solution for your needs. We believe in fostering an environment of honestly and open communication to ensure we understand your vision completely and can bring your idea to life. We offer advice our clients can depend on and take pride in being a trustworthy firm that brings you a fast, reliable, dependable service. If you’re looking for an experienced, friendly team who are as passionate about your project as you are, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We believe in bringing our clients honest advice and great customer service alongside the highest possible quality. From small domestic work to larger scale commercial products, we have the background and the passion to get the job done.